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My Linux Journey

  • 2003-2004 distrohopped
  • 2004-2013 PCLinuxOS
  • 2013-2014 distrohopped
  • 2014-Aug 2020 Arch Linux stable AF, as I write this I think should I have moved?
  • Aug 2020 Debian stable then upgraded to next-stable, was a good experiece
  • Distrohop Warning:
  • Nov 2020 KDE Neon Great but had random power-outs (nothing in logs)
  • Nov 2020 Pop!_OS - with Plasma! very impressive but again frequent power-outs
  • Late Nov 2020 Alpine Plasma good, non-gnu muscl based but Thunderbird non installable - dealbreaker, no power-outs
  • Early Dec 2020 Nix-OS freekin weird as a distro but also very very good so far no power-outs yet, Plasma, learning curve.
  • February 2021 got a new Laptop its a E14 Gen2 AMD Thinkpad from now on this page will be split into 2 sections one for my x220 and the other for the e14


  • February 2021 Nix-OS Weird distro still no power-outs yet, using KDE-Plasma, still experiencing a learning curve.
  • Mid May 2021 FreeBSD Excellent OS, up to date minimalish KDE, ipfw enabled, kdeconnect and syncthing configured
  • Late May 2022 Debian After a year of running both Debian and FreeBSD on different machines, I decided to switch to Debian on the x220.


  • February 2021 I tried a few distros, hardware seems too new for mass support. I chose Kubuntu 20.10 as it seems to offer an easy route to a usable KDE Desktop
  • Late November 2021 The Debian stable kernel finally caught up with my hardware - now rocking a Minimal(ish) KDE-Plasma on Debian 11
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