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FreeBSD is an operating system which focuses on features, speed, and stability.

It is the 'other' (non-hugging) opensource operating system you may have heard about while being a Linux user watching popular YouTubers

The “non hugging” thing is wrong btw, FreeBSD folks just want consent first (not a bad thing), the community is pretty good and generally less toxic than that of some Linux distro's

FreeBSD is different to Linux based operating systems as it's base is a combined kernel and userland developer by a core team, whereas Linux is a Kernel developed separately from and requires a userlannd (normally GNU, but others are used)

Thinkpad concentric config files

Polkit password requests after KDE-Plasma login

If you are having to type in your password multiplke times after logging into KDE-Plasma try this

IPFW, KDE Connect & Syncthing on FreeBSD

If you use SyncThing and KDE Connect and want to use a Firewall on FreeBSD try what I did here

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