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The X220 Thinkpad Laptop

Possibly the greatest of all 'Classic' Laptops, it holds a special place in my heart, which is why I have 2 1, and why two all three of my kids have one each (thanks pandemic for home schooling), and why I have 2 x220 motherboards destined to become either home media streaming machines or home servers (maybe even a proxmox host)

Some hardware details can be found on the x220 Thinkpad page

The E14 Gen2 AMD Thinkpad Laptop

I recently decided that despite how fantastic the x220 Thinkpad is for a 10 year old laptop, it is still a 10 year old laptop and with my having to relinquish my second 'testing' machine to my youngest son for his online learning, it was time to get something new, I was looking at various models of Thinkpad however I was reluctant to spend more that £1000 on a new laptop and ended up choosing to purchase the ~£900 E14 Gen2 AMD Thinkpad, which a has a supremely powerful AMD Ryzen 7 (4700u) processor in it. I will be collecting my thoughts and progress with Linux on the E14 page.


I have used Linux since somewhere between 2003 and 2004, here is a page that shows my Linux Journey and the Distro's I am presently using.


FreeBSD is that 'Other' opensource operating system that is not Linux, there are quite a few different BSD operating systems


Prior to redeployment as a Windows device for online schooling my second x220 laptop ran FreeBSD, its a fantastic Operating System and runs the KDE-Plasma desktop well


Not as yet tried any BSD on this machine, may do so in the future.

For more details about BSD (and some Thinkpad specific details) just follow this link

Other related shiz

KDE Desktop Environment, I used to run those Minimal Tiling managers, I did it for years, I even created my own LiveCD a few years ago highlighting many of these lighter environments. Then I rediscovered KDE Desktop Environment which is stupidly configurable and surprisingly light

Linux and FreeBSD CLI. Just because I run a full desktop environment does not mean I don't use the command line. In Linux I use Konsole with the Bash shell, In FreeBSD I use Konsole with tcsh. I will be creating pages that explore my favourite CLI apps and how I use them

CoreBoot is an alternative Bios firmware that delivers a lightning fast and secure boot, I have 'corebooted' 3 of the 4 fully assembled x220's I have had, and have two x220 motherboards (with physical defects) that I have also 'corebooted', its not a difficult process, but it is fairly a involved process

Many other things to follow, I hope you as a reader will follow this new journey with me

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